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HOTLINE: 18118605066
HOT LINE18118605066

    many years of professional focus, cast is special

  • Since its inception, Yang Ming has accumulated rich experience in production and R&D, and has a well-equipped production workshop, which integrates R&D, design and production. Xinbaicha has professional R&D production capacity and Strong production strength, look forward to working with you.

    Strict perfect quality control system, make product quality more stable

  • The company's materials and processing technology are exquisite. The company has advanced testing technology and complete quality control system, strictly comply with ISO9001 international quality certification system management and control the production process to ensure product pass rate.

    High quality guaranteed, customer satisfaction and retention

  • Professional technical team, automated production line, fully meet your supply requirements, greatly improving customer satisfaction and turning back!

    The interests of the kind of preferential policies for you

  • Welcome new and old customers to visit, Xinbai Chao from the customer's point of view, to protect customer interests
    Quality / quantity / timely completion of your supply requirements. A variety of service support and intimate policies: after-sales service response in a timely manner.Telphone:18118605066
About us
Jiangsu Yangming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Haian, one of Chinas top 100 counties in Shanghais one-hour economic circle. It is only 150 kilometers away from Shanghai and close to Shenhai Expressway and Qiyang Expressway. The transportation is very convenient.
Jiangsu Yangming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has become a high-tech enterprise with key introduction and development support in the national high-tech development zone. The company specializes in CNC shearing machine, gate shearing machine, double-machine linkage bending machine, laser and laser processing equipment. R&D, manufacturing and sales of high power all solid state lasers, semiconductor fiber coupled lasers About us
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Address: No. 8, East Haiphong Avenue, Chengdong Town, Haian County, Jiangsu Province
Contact number: 18118605066 0513-80126866
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